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Surat City - Chandi Padvo

Surtis Today Ready For Ghaari Treat

Sweet shops inside Surat are gearing upright as Chandi Pavdo Event, a traditional joyous in which loads of sweets are eaten under the night welkin.

Suratilala traditionally declare the convivial with Ghari — made of ghee, condense fruits, sugar following this mawa — Bhusu, Doodh Poha  - with withy theirs friends below the unlock welkin upon Sharad Purnima inside mid-October.

Ghari is available merely inside Surat as a result engaging shop for workers are trained over put in order this one usual not salty that is eaten simply on the night of Chandi Pavdo.

Sweet shop owners start preparing Ghari a week in front of the festivity. Hundreds of crores of Ghari are reportedly eaten inside Surat on a sole night on footpaths, on terraces moreover upon the Dumas, Ubharat beach. Ghari is over be eaten although looking toward the moon.

Vijay Dairy, said, “We start making Ghari 15 days sooner than the convivial on converge the demand. This year business is competent since Suratc city flooded with demands of 150 tonnes of 'Ghari'.

Suratislala settled in UK, USA and Canada also celebrate this festival by eating Ghari which is delivered to them through dispatch, said a sweet shop owner here.






Piplod Area - Chandni Padvo - Festival Celebration

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